Simmba was quite the disgrace to Singham – and the Lion King too – until the real Singham shows up and the Dolby Surround Sound waale mukke start resonating through the movie theatre.

Ranveer Singh was an interesting casting choice. He looks tough, his acting can be great but it’s also tainted a bit much with his off-screen personality, especially during humorous scenes. I am generally a much bigger fan of Ranveer Singh’s than Ajay Devgan’s but, sorry, Ranveer has nothing on the real Singham! Maybe it is Simmba’s character, which by the way flip flops 180 degrees all of a sudden in the movie (bheja mat lagana!), or maybe it is his over the top acting that takes away the gravitas that Singham brought to the screen.

Granted Rohit Shetty wasn’t first in line when logic was being distributed by God but a little more subtlety wouldn’t harm him either. The movie is Captain Obvious throughout. Not only can you predict every scene, just in case you are also a bit dimly lit up there the characters explain it verbally too.

Sara Ali Khan is literally a tiffinwaali in this movie and that’s it. There was absolutely no reason for her to waste a few reels. She wasn’t even able to make chai in one of the final scenes. Watch out for this in the movie for a chuckle.

Sonu Sood made up for a lot of other crap in Simmba by delivering a solid performance and looking his best ever. What is it with tall, broad shouldered men in white kurtas??

Ashutosh Rana made me do a double take. When did he turn from a Sikander Khan into a pudgy old constable? His character is Simmba’s moral compass but fails to draw what an Ashutosh Rana can do.

Putting aside the ghisi piti story, the very clear and loud social lecturing on India’s rape “culture” – certainly with great intent but poor execution – and the ok but not outstanding acting this is an ok-ish sequel of Singham with some funny moments and two solid action sequences.

My favorite part of the movie –  and why I am bumping it a point higher than it deserves – is the absolutely amazing choreography of Aankh Mare. I loved the song in its original, I love it now and I have become a fangirl of the choreography. (5/10)



Race 3

By God (Bhagvan/Allah/Jesus – or anyone else you may believe in) RACE as fast as you can in the opposite direction of the ticket counter.

Imagine…you go to a restaurant once and get served Paneer Butter Masala, the second time you go you get served Kadhai Paneer. With your expectations as high as they should be by this time on your third visit you are served a plate of rotten stinky onions. Yup, that’s exactly what happened to me here. After watching Race and Race 2, both of which were some of my most favorite thrillers, Race 3 was so anticlimactically bad that I am never going to trust another Race sequel blindly. And yes, there will be another sequel as announced by Salam Khan in the closing scene. Please just don’t let him be part of it!

The Race series is known for its plot twists, style, polish, glamour and class. Enter Salman Khan! The plot twists are still there but some of them more obvious than the sun rising from the East. Style, polish, glamour and class all gone to the dogs. All that’s left is Salman Khan cleaning the floor with his homegrown dance moves, dialogues that are cringeworthy, and his front-seat-whistle-inducing antiques.

Race is supposed to be an out and out thriller but since Salman took over he had to add his forced humor to the mix. The Bhojpuri dialect totally robbed the last graces off the plot and made this one a big dud!

I almost slipped off my plush movie theatre chair when the song “I found love” came on. Was this satirical content as part of the plot? The five words skirting my tongue the whole time were “Is this $#!+ for realz?!” … I found love … I found love in you … Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez super awkwardly posing on rocks and lifting their booties to twist their legs…I can’t get it out of my head!

Costumes likely didn’t cost much. Jacqueline’s designer ordered a bunch of monochrome bedsheets from Amazon, tore them up in different places and hung them on her. Salman and Bobby were rolling in some desert shirtless last I woke up to check how much longer until I can go home.

Overall, this movie served as a solid dose of diphenhydramine (main ingredient of sleeping pills) for me. I slept through about 30% off it and suffered through the remaining 70%. (1/10)




race 3

Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger kabh marega? … was the thought looming over my mind as I was exiting the movie theatre at 1am in the morning. I can understand why the audience erupts into whistles and cries (the happy kind) when Salman Khan takes over the screen – shirtless – and out of nowhere procures a kalashnikov to singe-handedly finish the whole Syrian army troupe on the scene. But somewhere deep inside, where I lock up my brain before I embark to watch a Salman Khan movie, my logic is rebelling and letting out suppressed cries of pain. I know movies are meant for entertainment yada yada but after being spoiled with quality action thrillers like Baby and Airlift this Tiger business doesn’t measure up more than a meek meow.

For the first time ever I felt Katrina did a half-decent job. Guess why? She didn’t need to speak much. She was fully consumed by fierce-fully slaying Syrian goons. Quite the power packed sight.

Now if you have to – like me – see every movie whether it’s worth it or not by all means drive yourself over to the next theatre but if this is not a vice for you stay at home and spend the time doing something wiser. (3/10)


Naam Shabana

Just like the second kid can rarely be as good as the first one (hoping my sister is not reading this!) the sequel to a movie often doesn’t measure up to the expectations set by the original.

The Director tried to use Baby’s recipe, including many of the key cast members but wasn’t able to replicate the taut storyline and magic of Baby. Danny’s scenes got cut down from four to two, Manoj Bajpai has been added as another layer of administrativia, and Akshay Kumar has only been hired to hold Taapsee’s arm and drag her through buildings as if she can’t walk on her own. Also, who in the world hires someone as handsome as Prithviraj Sukumaran as the bad man?

Awkward dialogues, lack of a good story and absolutely no explanation as to why they needed to cast a woman in the role of the secret agent when Akshay Kumar could have done all she does makes this a meh watch. Everyone these days is just trying to ride on the feminism gravy train which failed in this case. (5/10)