Same story. I lost the draft that I wrote on the plane but in this case it was actually regretful. I watched this movie with very little expectations knowing that Hrithik Roshan mostly acts like a five year old in the body of a very – umm, handsome – adult. But buckle your seats because Hritik Roshan takes you on a surprising ride with his outstanding acting in Kaabil. Even more so because acting to be blind is likely more difficult when you can actually see.

Sanjay Gupta crafted very likable characters for Hrithik and Yami. They were underdogs to begin with but there was an ease in their personalities that instantly drew me to them. As the story unfolds they meet with an evil fate and their world turns upside down. It becomes a story of revenge in absence of justice by law.

Some of the dialogues stuck with me as they were unexpected and quite thoughtful, delivered flawlessly by our hotter-than-legally-allowed protagonist and a very skilled Ronit Roy, who is one of the finest underrated actors Bollywood has.

Yami, too, fit her role of a delicate girl full of grace and positivity well. She looked particularly gorgeous as a simple bride.

Glad to see Indian cinema bringing awareness to differently abled people even if in ways that are uniquely Bollywood. (8/10)


Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

The first half is so cheesy it would put an extra large Chicago deep dish pizza to shame. I am reviewing this with my 2015 mind so there may be some bias built in. Maybe my 2002 mind would have reacted differently to all that gooey, mushy, lovey dovey drama. But seriously, be prepared for textbook blind romance and a healthy does of babuji’s (Alok Nath) advice. The songs are still quite hummable. (4/10)


Bang Bang

…my head against the credit card that paid for this movie ticket! So many facepalm moments I lost count, a permanently sedated Katrina Kaif who has spent almost a decade in India but still hasn’t gotten rid of her accent and a dialogue writer that will make you want to watch this movie in a language you don’t understand. (2/10)…one for Danny’s wardrobe and one for Hritik’s dance moves.