Hindi Medium

In the face mockery of the Delhi social scene. Shall I call it a circus or a zoo? The show-off-giri in Delhi (and for that matter in many other places in India) is getting out of hand. “My sari is more bling than yours.” “My car is bigger than yours.” “I have more servants than you do.” “I eat at fancier restaurants than you.” “My kids are more accomplished than yours.” “My dog poops silkier than yours.” “I dare not speak Hindi with my kids lest I be considered downmarket.” Phew!

A couple tries to buy, trick, steal their way into the “upper echelons” of Delhi society to be able to send their daughter into a top Delhi school. While the topic clearly deserves attention, the execution lacks finesse. Great talent like Irfaan’s has been overshadowed with juvenile direction and a tad bit too much drama. (4/10)

Hindi Medium


Jolly LLB 2

My recollection of its prequel is weak so it would be unfair of me to compare the two but maybe this is a case where the Director decided to ride on the profit wave of an established success. And he did. Financially, Jolly paid off but the entertainment quotient was just mediocre. While Akshay Kumar did complete justice to his role the story just did not have the same gravitas I am used to from his films after watching a Baby, Airlift and Rustom.

Huma Qureshi had nothing to contribute to the story line. Nevertheless, it was a delight to see someone cast as the lead actress who is not a size zero. Breaking molds in the image obsessed Bollywood she is convincingly showing everyone that talent is not measured at the waist.

Far too rarely seen on the big screen these days, Annu Kapoor is brilliant as ever and Saurabh Shukla plays the role of a somewhat unbelievable, comic judge whose whim decides the course of the case at hand. (6/10)


Happy Bhag Jayegi

At least this was a movie one wasn’t expecting much from. So even if it’s mediocre it doesn’t disappoint as much. Diana Penty is simply not suitable for a Kangana Ranaut character. She tries way too hard to be the bubbly chirpy girl everyone loves and to make sure everyone gets it the director has to confirm it one more time by making the engaged Abhay Deol have a crush on her too. Brace yourself for a brigade of screaming brides because it’s apparently the cool thing.

Only Aziz knows what he was trying to do with the temporary rift in relationship between Abhay Deol and Momal Sheikh. It was too non-consequential to the story to even get fully noticed.

Poor Jimmy Shergill’s career never took off but his acting is actually on point with good comic timing. I wish he got more to do than be the funny sidekick in most movies. (4/10)



Welcome Back

The super classy opening credits had me sitting in the seat with my spine straight. As the movie unfolded the only thing I found entertaining was Anil Kapoor, his impeccable acting, his posture and the promise that this movie could have been what Welcome was once upon a time. A few dialogues will make you chuckle but there is something that’s keeping this movie from tickling out your full roar laughter. No catchy songs, childish graveyard scenes and a climax that could have only taken birth in someone’s mind while being high on some substance. (4/10)


Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Oh, and how they return! Rarely have I seen a sequel be even better than its prequel. The dialogues will leave you dissolved in laughter thanks to the incredible comic timing. Despite the many sensitive topics and relations depicted in the movie (divorce, re-marriage, in-vitro fertilization, etc.) nothing looked disjointed or mishandled. It’s refreshing to see that characters can be so lovable regardless of their flaws. It would be unfair to say any one actor stole the show. Needless to say I am in awe of Kangana’s acting skills (hat tip to you lady!), all other actors outdid themselves too.I will have to watch it a few more times to really soak in the brilliant acting by the entire cast. You could argue about the somewhat unrealistic end but even with that this movie is a full scorer for me. (10/10)