Naam Shabana

Just like the second kid can rarely be as good as the first one (hoping my sister is not reading this!) the sequel to a movie often doesn’t measure up to the expectations set by the original.

The Director tried to use Baby’s recipe, including many of the key cast members but wasn’t able to replicate the taut storyline and magic of Baby. Danny’s scenes got cut down from four to two, Manoj Bajpai has been added as another layer of administrativia, and Akshay Kumar has only been hired to hold Taapsee’s arm and drag her through buildings as if she can’t walk on her own. Also, who in the world hires someone as handsome as Prithviraj Sukumaran as the bad man?

Awkward dialogues, lack of a good story and absolutely no explanation as to why they needed to cast a woman in the role of the secret agent when Akshay Kumar could have done all she does makes this a meh watch. Everyone these days is just trying to ride on the feminism gravy train which failed in this case. (5/10)



M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Cricket moves India like Football moves Germany.

A true testament to a movie well made is when you can make someone – who doesn’t normally follow cricket – cry in their seat and grasp for air because their heart is filled with excitement for the protagonist.

Without going into how much of this story actually represents Dhoni’s life, it is a real fine piece of cinema worth every dollar in exchange for the entertainment it provides. Neeraj Pandey knows how to tell a story, make you relate with characters and root for them.

I liked Sushant Singh Rajput from his Pavitra Rishta days. With Kai Po Che and now this movie he has really proven his mettle. One to watch out for!

At times the movie feels a little long and there were opportunities to cut it here and there but hey I am not going to complain as I was entertained out and out. (8/10)


The way to a man’s heart, no scratch that, anybody’s heart is through their stomach. In our country nothing bonds as much as the love for food. The coincidence that you find the one honest and loving person amongst a population of more than half a billion, particularly when you are out to scam him also only happens in our movies.
Nice awareness creation of two sides of a rotten systematic coin called “dahej” or even “kitne ki party hai” with decent acting but some obvious storyline flaws. (6/10)