The Journey Begins

Blogging, huh? The first time I seriously considered it was a decade ago. In fact, I had gone so far as to register a domain name and create a profile on Blogger. In hindsight I am glad I never really started writing anything substantial enough at that time. Why, you ask? Because the ‘Me’ then was so vastly different from the ‘Me’ now. Different life, different goals, different thoughts, all resulting in a different ‘Me’. Not to say I may not change again over the next decade but by now I have become the version of ‘Me’ I wouldn’t mind reflecting back on “when I grow up”.

Also, the volume and velocity of my thoughts has increased so much that I may explode if I don’t start penning them down. Not only am I overly prone to physically tripping over all sorts of objects while walking, I also trip over my own thoughts sometimes because they come at me too fast. For those of you who know me personally, I know you can extend the tripping analogy to my speed of speech as well. The only thing I was ever slow at was running it seems. Oh well, we have professional athletes for that and probably pretty much every single one of you too.

For the past many years I have been encouraged by friends and family to write (maybe simply because they were tired of me speaking all the time). I dabbled with the idea once in a while but never took the leap because I didn’t want the world to know I carry my heart on my sleeve and that I am the next generation of the open book – the one that spits words at you! I feared exposing my vulnerabilities. I was too hurt to let anyone enter my head, or even worse, my heart.  But as I am growing older I am beginning to understand that I do best when I go all in! Sometimes I lose, some other time I may win. The excitement of it is worth it in itself. The concept of karma is downing on me too. So if someone really were to use my vulnerabilities against me, their karma will have to transact a non-trivial amount of points over to me. Cha ching!

Why should you want to read my blog? Statutory warning: By no means am I a celebrity whose auto-biography should be of any interest to you, nor am I the ultimate authority on gyaan (knowledge) that will make you any wiser. The only claim I dare to make is that I may lighten your mood by sharing the constant chitter chatter of my brain with you and occasionally lightning may hit me to make me utter a few words of inspiration or courage.

This blog will surely evolve as I evolve but to sum it up in a mental image for you (I LOVE mental images…you’ll come to know more about them in another post sometime) think of this as my mental pinboard of all the post-it notes floating through my head. In addition to sharing an over-proportional load of my Bollywood movie and Book reviews and ratings I’ll use this blog to share travel experiences, thoughts on life, daily trivial sightings and happenings, things that make me pause and think, my full feature film length dreams and nightmares, my love for food and people (not necessarily in that order), pet peeves, adventures, things that make me happy or sad, and and and…

Now talking is fun but a dialogue is always better than a monologue. Therefore, I highly encourage you to comment on my posts, ask questions, share your experiences…and ask me out for dessert!


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