I know I am massively late reviewing this one. It’s been two weeks since its release. I watched this one just a few days after it came out with my family and wrote the review on my plane ride back to California. However, I lost the darn draft, which is actually far less consequential than losing one’s brain like what seems to be happening to King Khan these days. The last movie of his I could tolerate – besides Dear Zindagi in which he had a cameo role – probably saw the light of day in 2006. Movie after movie after movie he is cheating his massive fan following out of their entertainment budgets.

I saw Raees at home in a comfy home theatre, with incredible sound and the perfect back lighting so I can’t even blame the crowds and tiring experience of standing in a line to get into the theatre for the bad taste this movie left in my mouth. Other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s stellar acting – as expected – Raees has absolutely nothing to offer. I slept through at least a third of it and, no, I was not jet-lagged when I saw it.  Apparently, I was not the only one. My sister, who went to a theatre to see this (!) and normally is never in agreement with my tastes also slept through it.

Mahira Khan, who acted extraordinarily well in Pakistani TV serials was just a controversy stirrer for the publicity of this movie. No role, no sense, no acting.

SRK, you seem to be a smart guy with LOTS of money. Maybe put it to use somewhere else? (2/10)



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