Ok Jaanu

Ok, stop it! Making a movie tailored to just millennials isn’t going to cut it Mr. Ali. And that too one that’s more predictable than the sun rising from the East. Even the US elections presented a far more thrilling show this year.

Boy and Girl feel attracted to each other, move in with no strings attached and six months later when it’s time to move to foreign lands for career reasons they realize they are not just in lust but in love too. Hoopla! Time to get married and then “we’ll figure it out”.

The Humma Song was the only reason I dragged myself to watch this millennial drama in a theatre. While the songs were all a treat everything in between was a wash.

I am being generous with my rating because of the juxtaposition of Naseeruddin Shah’s love story to the Kapoors’ fling. (3/10)



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