Meet The Patels

When I had first heard about this movie about a year ago I thought is was a fictional comedy that would be light hearted and entertaining. Now that I finally got around to watching it I stand corrected. It is a poorly-made wannabe documentary that seems like a string of complaints despite the somewhat genuine effort of Ravi Patel to try the Indian “dating scene”.

As an ABCD myself I never thought I’d say this but this is a truly screwed up generation of neither here nor there. Transition pains are a real thing and no one says they can be erased from this equation but mocking a whole culture to prove your new ways right – when you aren’t even sure they work for you – is not the most graceful way to deal with those pains.

Ravi Patel serial dates a dozen or so Indian-American girls, still keeping his gori girlfriend as a backup option, only to come back to tell his parents he wants to marry the gori girlfriend he had never told them about. The documentary ends hinting that they will marry but a bit more research tells you he ditched her again eventually and is now married to a Muslim girl. Confusion galore! (3/10)



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