When a movie wins several awards and stars Naseeruddin Shah you sit down with a certain level of expectation to be delighted. The entire 101 minutes the story kept building and building until the climax, where either I didn’t understand what just happened because the Director wasn’t very forthcoming with what he was trying to do or the end is just miserably bad. If anyone has seen this movie and can tell me whether Amal can read or not please enlighten me.

The story and its climax aside the Casting Director should be banned from ever suggesting a cast again. Other than Naseeruddin Shah, Amardeep Jha and to some extent Seema Biwas none of the characters showed a spec of authenticity. You really miss the target when your main character – a poor rikshaw driver – is not only monotonous as hell but he’s got a full on Canadian accent while speaking Hindi. I so badly wanted to connect to his character and root for him but Rupinder Nagra’s terrible acting killed any affection one could develop for his character. His shopkeeper friend and the little girl he is tending too are equally “too fancy” to be depicted as lower class.

A story that had potential to be really move the audience was mercilessly slaughtered by bad acting and a plot that is slower than Delhi traffic. (2/10)



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