Delhi In A Day

A drama set between the haves and have-nots of Delhi. It subtly portrays the satirical lives of the nouveau-riche in Delhi. Sometimes it’s the household help making fun of the “maaliks” and sometimes it’s the grandfather who can’t stand the fake society his children ask him to be part of.

Jasper, a foreign bright-eyed tourist, is trapped between his idealistic thoughts of what India should be and what his host, Kalpana, turns the experience into. When his money disappears suddenly all blame is put on the household help. The remainder of the movie shows how money can mean something completely different to people depending on what end of the social strata they belong to. The most interesting thing that comes out of the pressure to find the money is the beauty of relationships and trust among the have-nots and the lack of conscience of the haves.

Overall, a slow watch despite its short runtime of 88 minutes with a particularly frustrating end as Jasper never gets closure on where his money went. (5/10)



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