India is a country of dichotomies: old and new, rich and poor, love and war, spice and sweet…who knew these contrasts were going to carry over to the world of media? 2016 is the year when India (for a short period of time) banned pornographic content in media and it’s also the year India came out with Befikre, which is nothing more and nothing less than soft porn. The movie solely sold on the 23 kissing scenes between the actors and the “clothing optional” attitude of the filmmaker. Based on its box office performance of merely 43 crore so far it looks like even that doesn’t really have a market.

Ranveer Singh took his off-screen personality just a notch too far. I can’t tell if his character changed at all throughout the movie because I couldn’t watch this waste of a patch of reel for more than half an hour but it’s exactly characters like him and his friend with benefits that are contributing to a rapid decline of any sort of relationship values.

Plot-less, cloth-less, sense-less – don’t let it lessen your bank balance. Stay home! (1/10)



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