This thriller, inspired by the Arushi Talwar double murder case, was released nine months before Talwar – the movie, yet I am utterly surprised I had never heard of it before and it got completely ignored by the media. The story is different from the actual happenings but the thrill factor is at par with its later cousin.

I watched this movie on a Friday night not knowing what to expect and I was blown away. The taut storyline left me firmly settled in my seat with some sort of heaviness sitting right up at my neck and shoulders. It’s funny how well made movies can evoke emotions that you can actually feel in different places in your body. Kay Kay Menon is such an artist! He gets into the skin of his character and makes it so much his own that you just can’t imagine him to ever have played any other character.

I won’t share too much about the content to not spill the beans but suffice to say that I didn’t feel comfortable going to the you-know-where all by myself after drinking too much water during the movie and had to sleep with the lights on. (10/10)


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