Dear Zindagi

Before I get into the review let me blurt out my first three thoughts:

  • I sympathize with the cotton and indigo industry because after watching this movie 1.2 billion Indians will want to wear jeans that are technically not jeans but more like a collage of holes.
  • Psychologists in India will either be rejoicing because Alia and SRK have made that profession “cool” or they will be sad because SRK shares quite a few “funde” that are widely applicable and less people will be looking up Psychologists now.
  • Last, but certainly not least: Only Aditya Roy Kapoor can look hot and cute despite (yes, I purposefully chose ‘despite’) his curly hair.

What starts with yet another entitled, spoilt, thinks-too-much-of-herself, imbalanced tween character – one that simply leaves your mental eye rolling – slowly over the course of the movie explains why she turned out like that. A majority of the movie is shot as a conversation between Alia (the patient) and SRK (the Psychologist). While I am all into this mushy stuff the first half really dragged itself and lacked the tempo that would allow the audience to associate with the characters. The second half improved quite a bit with the pieces falling together and the Psychologist’s advice getting more pointed.

Time and again Alia Bhatt surprises me with her acting skills. I wasn’t expecting her to be such a natural. Even SRK didn’t annoy the brains out of me this time. In fact, I loved that despite being the star he is he took on a role that was important to the movie but didn’t overshadow the main character, which was the patient’s. Had this been Amitabh Bachchan he would have demanded the entire screen time for himself.

It’s hard to stomach a pretty intense transformation rooted in deep causes over the period of a two and half hour movie depicting a handful of therapy sessions but the lightheartedness and humor of it all makes this an entertaining watch. (8/10)




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