I read an interview of Rakeysh Omprakahs Mehra’s in which he said he was still looking for an answer to why Sahiba broke Mirza’s arrows when her brothers came attacking him. He went to many of his friends in the industry to seek an answer but could not fine one. Well, let me tell you, he didn’t find one through the process of making this movie either! Nor was he able to depict the characters in a way that the viewer could find one for themselves.

ROM keeps shifting between the old and the new views of the Sahiba-Mirza legend. The new fails to impress and the old looks more like endless slow-mo scenes from the gladiators. Who ran around with mohawks in ancient times in India??

Anil Kapoor’s children have a history of launching with horrible movies – remember Saawariyan nine Diwalis ago? If you don’t you are probably better off.

Harshvardhan Kapoor is just alright. Besides, I barely got to see him since he was hidden behind his hair and facial hair for most of it. It’s a Kapoor family thing, ya know? (3/10)



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