Baar Baar Dekho

Baar Baar Dekho?! Ek baar bhi dekh li to you will start looking for a wall to bang your head against! What an ugly adaptation of ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Not only did the story make no sense, but everything else including acting, directing, dialogues, background score, is just plain old bad.

What Varun Dhawan did to his career with Dilwale after Badlapur, Sidharth Malhotra did to his with Baar Baar Dekho after Kapoor & Sons. I think it’s best to leave K-Jo with Shah Rukh Khan to make a fool of the Indian cinema goer. Everyone else, save your last few grey cells and look for other producers.

According to Nitya Mehra we will be driving BMW i3s with funky dashboards in the year 2034 and our cell phones will look like plexy glass table coasters. *See my big eye roll?*

Oh, and the fact that the protagonist’s entire family completely ignored his mental condition for decades drove me mental! K-Jo, total blow on keeping his condition ‘in the closet’.

The only saving grace – and worth a point – were the songs ‘Teri Kher Mangdi’ and ‘Kaala Chashma,’ which by the way isn’t original either. It was written by a Punjab police constable in the 90s. (1/10)



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