Interesting choice of name for a plot who’s main character is as much victim as he is perpetrator. Shred an inconspicuous person’s existence into pieces and the results can be unpredictable on the spectrum from killing themselves to killing others. Nishikant Kamat struck a commendable balance within that spectrum with a climax that’s the crowning glory to the entire buildup of this movie.

It takes a lot to single-handedly carry the entire weight of a movie this focused on one’s shoulders. Very few actors/actresses meet that challenge with victory. Irrfan Khan is THE ideal actor for Nirmal’s role. An Aam Aadmi who goes under the skin of his character and let’s you live the story through his eyes.

Nishikant Kamat went a bit astray in the middle, taking too long to put the patchwork together – hence nearing the edges of my patience – but the climax more than made up for it! Pay special attention to the Baaz and Chuja quote the movie begins with and how that plays into opening the climax. Beautifully done! (8/10)



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