A bit overdue but it hardly matters since most of the Bolly-world is split into either religiously watching Salman Khan films or boycotting them.

Salman Khan’s standard formula is at play again: buffed body, little brain, a semblance of innocence, rural setting, underdog status. If I could code I would write an algorithm to churn out his next predictable script.

With almost 600 crore INR in the bag who am I to say this was a futile attempt at entertainment? Salman rules the masses and that’s where the money lies.

Catchy songs, dusty action (literally), some female empowerment – to be undermined eventually – and a few signature hip shakes later I still had a hard time rooting for this underdog the way I did for Iqbal or Bhuvan in Lagaan. (4/10)



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