It took me a full week to come out of the Inception like maze this movie has created in my head to be able to write this review. The only problem is I almost passed out finding my way out from the overload of narcissism created in this 2.5 hour mind-numbing piece of Shah Rukh Khan propaganda.

SRK plays himself and his own die-hard fan and then there are a million more instances you have to see his face postered all over the movie. Unlike many other bad Bollywood movies where the hero shares 10% of screen time with a B grade heroin SRK couldn’t even spare a minute of these reels on someone else so they removed the concept of a heroine entirely.

I have a feeling that he tried to maximize being on screen as much as he could because after four disasters (Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Dilwale and now this!) he feared no one would ever want to see him again…I certainly don’t. (1/10)



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