Ki & Ka

Indian cinema is rapidly coming of age and exploring topics that reflect what is on society’s subconscious mind. While “western influence” and social media have their undoubted pitfalls for the rich heritage of India they deserve a bit of credit for brining a changing tide of curious minds, the ability to question norms and in the process hopefully unroot some beliefs that no longer hold true in contemporary times.

Ki & Ka explores the role of a man and a woman in life, in their relationships and in the eyes of society. For two hours imagine what the world could look like if there was no concept of gender. Why limit y0urself to the confines of your gender when your skills and desires lie elsewhere? R. Balki brought some really interesting topics of discussion to the surface that will likely become less taboo a decade, maybe two or three, down the line. While the theme of the movie is very unique and interesting the director used cookie cutter stereotypes and swung too much in the opposite direction to make his point. Handled a lot more subtly and with nuance this could have been a much better movie. (5/10)



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