Sometimes it takes a woman

Last week I somehow drove my car over an almost two inch long big fat nail that neatly poked into the right rare tire and settled there causing the electric indicator for low tire pressure to go on. At this point I didn’t know that it was a nail that was responsible for the tire pressure loss. Since I happened to be close to where I always get my car serviced I dropped by and Fiona, the super friendly receptionist and mechanic, quickly took the car in, filled up the tire and handed the keys back to me.

Just a day later the message for low tire pressure came on again. I was traveling for work and I didn’t find out until I came back and my sister told me about it. A bit worried I took the car to the BMW dealership on Saturday morning because Kevin’s Auto Repair, my go to place, was closed. After a 20 minute wait and a dozen important looking people walking in and out of the workshop and dealership I finally met with a Specialist who gave me his stern diagnosis within 5 seconds: “Miss, you have run-flat tires which means this cannot be fixed. Let me go inside and let you know how much a new tire will cost you.” He came back after 5 minutes with a quote of $614 plus tax! Then he added: “Oh, and by the way, you can only drive for another 50 miles on this tire after the incident happened because after that the integrity of your tire will be compromised from the inside. You should get this done right now!” I was NOT going to hand that money to him without at least getting a second opinion, despite his scare tactics.

So I waited until Monday morning (today) and called Kevin’s Auto Repair. As usual, Fiona’s friendly voice was on the other side of the line. I asked her if I could come in in half an hour to get the tire checked. “Sure! Come on over.”

When I got there, Fiona immediately greeted me with a smile and without me even saying a word she knew I was the one who had called in for the nail-in-the-tire issue. She took my keys, told me it’s going to take her 1o minutes to take a look and offered me a seat in the waiting room.

I saw her swiftly bring the car into the workshop, get her tools ready and there she was, lying on the floor, pulling the nail out and taking care of business! If you met her on a weekend she may be a pretty, delicate girl in a dress but here – in the workshop – she is a bada$$ strong car mechanic who is blowing out flame torches and clearly has skills!

She finished up fixing the tire within the promised 10 minutes while I was watching her from the waiting room. I was a bit perplexed that she was able to just fix it when the BMW dealership guy was trying to sell me a whole new tire. In addition to doing what I came in for she also made sure all four tires had perfect pressure and updated me that contrary to my belief I didn’t need an oil change for another 5,000 miles.

All done, I asked Fiona how much I owed her and she gave me another friendly smile followed by “Nothing! You are our customer.” Mind = Blown. Why would I ever go take my car anywhere else? Kevin’s Auto Repair knows a thing or two about customer service and they sure have a customer for life in me.

For anyone who thinks women look best in pretty dresses or shouting slogans of feminism from the rooftops wearing black suits, take THIS – feminism at its best:


Fiona – the woman who’s got skill!


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