They don’t make men like them anymore. I am talking about both the characters this plot was inspired by – Sunny Matthews and Harbajan Singh Vedi – and Akshay Kumar. The first two set an example by putting the “I” behind the “We” and helping evacuate over 170,000 Indian from a war-torn Kuwait in 1990 and the later set an example by giving up 80% of his profit share back to the budget for this movie.

If you can ignore a few kinks here and there this movie is a solid watch with a taut plot and well executed screenplay. The story of unmatched heroism, unparalleled courage and unsung heroes, be it the protagonist, his silent ally in the sarkari hallways of the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi, or the courageous pilots of Air India.

Nimrat Kaur’s support for her husband throughout the ordeal is to watch out for and takes its culmination in her “speech” to an ungrateful evictee. Akshay Kumar proves once again that he is a seasoned and versatile actor with looks that I would melt for!

This story strongly reminded me of Shindler’s List and one man’s resolution to save thousands of lives. We need more people like this walking on earth. (8/10)



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