This past weekend was an absolute scalebuster weekend for me. On the north end of my scale of 10 Bajirao Mastani erupted and on the lower end Dilwale plummeted into unknown depths.

Bollywood moviegoers, it’s time you buckle your belts and stand up for the assault on your tolerance. The Indian movie industry needs the equivalent of an Arab Spring to rebel against the atrocities of filmmakers like Rohit Shetty. As for SRK – “the king” Khan – Chennai Express was strike one, Happy New Year was strike two and Dilwale is strike three! No one deserves more than three chances to turn your brains into pulp. It’s high time to dethrone the king and demand better entertainment for the money you spend on their movies.

I have come to expect bullshit from SRK but after doing a Badlapur what happened to Varun Dhawan? How can he go from outstanding to no standing within the blink of an eye? Way to dig your own grave, Varun.

158 minutes of uninterrupted torture. It undid a whole week of meditation for me. I was furious by the end of this one…wishing I had been fast instead to make a call to not finish watching it. (0/10)


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