The Internet to the Inner-Net (by Gopi Kallayil)

This book is a special one for me to review because the author is none other than my mentor and office-mate at Google, Gopi Kallayil. I have had the privilege of working with him for the past six months and not only have I grown professionally but I have also learned a lot of personal life hacks from him.

If you get to know Gopi you will quickly learn that his middle name should be “Oxymoron”. Gopi Oxymoron Kallayil. I say this because this man comes from humble backgrounds in Kerala, yet surprises you at every turn of a page with his worldly wisdom. He lives a non-materialistic life, yet his job is to mesmerize some of the biggest brand builders globally. He has degrees from some of the top notch global institutions, yet his simple words make him one of the most personable Googlers I have met.

I highly recommend you read this book to find out for yourself why combining the seemingly impossible seems to be the norm for Gopi. You are about to go on a jet-setting 200+ page journey through the world, gasp at a range of experiences, hold your breath to find out how some of his mini-adventures end and have a permanent smile on your face thanks to the lightheartedness of Gopi’s writing. The many chapters will take you through practical advice on how you can build a bridge between the Internet and your Inner Net while firmly having one leg grounded on each side of it. You can read this book forward, backward or from the middle. There will always be a nugget of wisdom hidden in every chapter. (9/10)

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