A gripping thriller based on an unfortunate true story. Excellent storytelling that’s easy to follow and really makes you vehemently question government institutions and the role of media. Why can a few people’s laziness and lust for sensational stories become another’s sentence for life? This story made my head revolt against so many things I dislike about India. A country that was given enormous pedigree in way of culture, knowledge, discipline, and many more things forfeited by a morbid voyeurism, class segregation, institutionalization and corruption. At points throughout the movie I felt bad sitting there and watching the director’s interpretation of the happenings of that family because it felt no less than being voyeuristic myself. How can something as sacred and private as those three people’s lives be dissected in so many ways and made fun of?

Only Aarushi and her murderer know the absolute truth but if any of what was shown in this movie is true may a whole bunch of people rot in her family’s curse! (9/10)



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