A childhood dream

“Kids with dreams turn into adults with goals”

Many decades ago a little boy was growing up in the heart of India, Dilli, with a dream in his own heart. Every time he’d see an adult zoom by him on one of those shiny black beauties with their characteristic sound he developed a flicker of hope about one day owning a Royal Enfield himself. It was an outlandish dream of proportions that didn’t fit his environment. He’d go home and get back to running up and down the enormously large stairs of an old Delhi haweli, playing with his brothers. Over the years he had forgotten about his precious dream trying to fulfill others’. But deep down the flame was alive.

As a young adult he didn’t just move cities, or countries. He moved continents. Far away from everyone and everything he loved. And with that the flame had to make place for the practicalities and responsibilities adult life brings with it. He got busy raising a family, building a business and making a foreign land his new home. Years passed, he grew older and the dreamy eyed child inside him started whispering to him once again.

About five years ago, on one of his frequent India trips, he rented a Royal Enfield for a few days to see how it would feel. Nothing had changed! The moment he sat on it he saw the world through the same eyes he did as a child. The most vivid and beautiful memories came back. The uninhibited want for something “outlandish” only a child can feel rushed through his veins. He even went to the showroom and put in his order to get one of his own. Yet, the responsible husband and father of three children he had become argued with the child and went back to cancel his order a few days later. Once again oxygen was taken from the flame.

Today, half a century after the idea first taking hold in his heart, he finally lived out his childhood dream. The black beauty is home and the joy coming through this man’s eyes is that of the 12-year-old who is passing a lofty goalpost set many decades ago:



Papa Jain, I know this motorcycle means a lot more to you than what meets the eye. You made yourself into a man that has bought many more wheels, yet, these two meant the most to you ever since you can remember!

I wish you many beautiful rides on it with the wind kissing your face, the noise of the motor sounding like music in your ears and your heart as happy as it can be. Drive safe and live large!


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