Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Salman Khan has been able to take “Being Human” into his movie so seamlessly. Surprisingly what I make my living with, Digital Media Communication, was also a major part of the plot. Nice to see an actor combine off-screen with on-screen. Beautiful storytelling with loads of emotion (I had a knot in my throat throughout the movie), nice humor and appropriate levels of action. Salman Khan is normally not at the higher end of the acting spectrum but in this movie he is convincing and true to his “Bholon Ka Bhagwan Hota Hai” character. Nawazuddin Siddiqui requires no praise. He is the best character actor that happened to Bollywood in a while. Be it serious cinema or humorous scenes, he excels in all. It was great seeing him revive an internet sensation ‘Funny Indus News Reporter’ from six years ago. The little girl, Harshaali, is an absolute doll who you cannot help but fall in love with. (9/10)



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