Making India Work (by William Nanda Bissell)

On the one hand there is a nation and its non-resident humdards fretting over the embroidery on their PM’s suit and whether the new kid on the block will provide free WiFi to the capital or not. On the other hand there is this brilliant half-Indian entrepreneur, William Nanda Bissell (CEO of Fabindia), who has envisioned an in-depth plan to rebalance resources in India breaking the artificial boundaries between the inheritance and exploitation Richie Riches and the poorest of the poor. He makes a case for change that will not only give power and justice back to the people and create a citizen’s republic that is far more sustainable than today’s India of the haves and have nots. While some of his ideas may sound borderline marxist we all know that desperate times call for desperate measures. His are well thought through and really bring the essence of the word back to “politics” which for many has become a swear word in today’s India. I wish anyone who really claimed to care for India’s future would pick up this book, learn from it and be a catalyst for change. (10/10)


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